National Public Service Workers Union [NPSWU]

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NPSWU_LogoThe NPSWU Annual General Meeting 2014 will take place on Sunday, 3 August 2014 at the Pinetwon Civic Hall.


Workers World Weekly Labour Show

safmTune in to “Workers On Wednesday” at 10.0am on SAfm 106.6 Wednesday 23 July for a discussion on
Workers still suffering under Apartheid legacy?

Israel/Palestine: An immediate long-lasting ceasefire and return to negotiations


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PSI and EPSU echo the call of the UN Security Council as the recommended site buy levitra at a discount number of killed civilians grows. EPSU and PSI call on the Israeli government and Palestinian parties in Gaza to immediately cease fire and prevent further escalation of the conflict which has already killed 1 Israeli and 200 Palestinians (at 16th July) including women and children and lead to numerous people being injured, homes being demolished and many fleeing to escape the violence.

The rocket attacks of price of cialis in canada'>price of cialis in canada Hamas and bombs of the Israeli army threaten people, homes and workplaces. We echo the call of the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon for a ceasefire as demanded by the UN Security Council last Saturday (12 July). EPSU and PSI are particularly concerned about reports from the Gaza area telling of hospitals and emergency services being stretched out, unable to cope with the high number of casualties. The fighting takes a high toll on health workers and other first responders, who risk their lives to save people.


Healthcare workers killed by Ebola’s worst outbreak ever

ebolaThe global trade union federation Public Services International condemns the preventable deaths of dozens of healthcare workers, killed on the job by Ebola because they did not have the generic viagra in india'>generic viagra in india necessary tools and equipment. The current Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone is the worst ever and the first to spill widely across several countries. Ebola has no cure, but can be diagnosed and levitra discount prices treated. Treatment requires intensive care and close contact between the patient and the healthcare worker. 

Treatment can save lives, but should not kill healthcare workers!

It is a tragic reminder to inexpensive viagra national and international authorities that basic public health requires adequate investment both in healthcare workers and in health infrastructure to fight disease outbreaks of this kind. Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, warned: “We cannot accept pitiful excuses, whether from health ministers or donor agencies.  Health workers must have the tools to do their jobs. All whose work brings them in contact with Ebola victims must have the protective gear.  Our members are dying because of unsafe working conditions, this is criminal neglect.”


Harris v. Quinn: PSI stands with all unions in the USA in the fight for social justice

psi_logoPublic Services International (PSI) condemns the continuing attacks on trade union rights for public sector workers in the USA. The conservative majority of viagra generique the US Supreme Court this week, in Harris v. Quinn, attacked the rights of home care workers and invites further legal challenges.  This decision is the result of years of plotting, manipulating and massive financing from neo-conservative pressure groups.  It demonstrates the growing corporate power in the USA, and confirms their strategy of undermining all trade unions. 

Home care can be a much more affordable and humane alternative to institutionalisation of the sick and elderly.  It is a fast-growing field, but marked by low wages and viagra online order'>viagra online order benefits, poor training, and little respect for workers.  Home care workers, by the very nature of their work, are isolated.  Providing care for people in their homes is difficult, stressful and demanding.  It is perhaps no coincidence that the majority of home care workers are women.  US trade unions are protecting these isolated workers with innovative organising strategies.  It is exactly these innovative organising strategies that the Supreme Court is levitra samples seeking to undermine.


DPSA Circular 2 of 2014

Cost of viagra 100mg Living Adjustment for Employees on Salary Levels 1 to 12 and those covered by OSD for the 2014/2015 Financial Period with effect from 01 April 2014

The PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2012 provides for a multi term cost of living adjustment for employees on salary levels 1 to 12 and also for those employees covered by Occupational Specific Dispensations (OSD's).  

Cost of Living Adjustment for Employees on Salary Levels 1 - 12 and those covered by OSD for the 2014/2015 financial year



Should NPSWU accept the Employers new 3 year multi-term revised salary as of 6/6/2012 as follows: April 2012 from 6.7% to 6.9%. April 2013 from CPI + 0.7% to CPI + 1% April 2014 from CPI + 0.5% to CPI + 1%.

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