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NPSWU stance on the use of workers pension to save ESKOM is a clear NO-NO. NPSWU feels that Treasury is just dishing out money without making sure that it reaches its intended recipients and that will be risking our workers hard earned cash. There’s lack of good corporate governance and no plan and we believe that if you fail to plan then you intend to be planning to fail.

There’s rampant corruption and passionate looting with no consequence management and accountability and the SOEs have become the centers of corruption with a strong political patronage

NPSWU will only support the move if there are consequences management and a clear plan and we doubt that as the rules of natural justice will dictate:Nemo iudex in sua causa (No-one is judge in his own case)

Lastly from where we are standing, we maintain that if you put a fox in charge of the fowls, don’t pretend to be surprised if they disappear.

The fox is still out there and there’s lack of good corporate governance and no political will to deal with the rampant corruption and NPSWU, as a militant trade union and the voice of the workers is in no mood to risk the entire livelihood of the workers by throwing their hard earned money into a bottomless pit and promises to fight tooth and nail by utilising all dispute resolution mechanism to save our workers money.


Pat Mphela


Aluta Continua!!!!!!Shinga Mshangi Shinga!!!!

Wa thintha bafazi, Wa thint uMbokodo!!!!!