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Union leaders sacked for damaging employers image

Ten union leaders in Poland employed by a company called Castorama have been sacked because they dared to speak out.

The trade union NSZZ Solidarnosc Commerce had embarked upon an organising drive among Castorama workers when the company dismissed union chairperson Wojciech Kasprzyk and others.  

The company says that they were engaged in "activities to the detriment of the company" and "damaging the employer's image".  

What the workers say is that they were using the Internet, including social media, to help workers and get them organised.

They also pointed out the company's hostility towards trade unions and its avoidance of dialogue.

The union in Poland got the full support of UNI Commerce, a global union federation, and they have just launched a campaign on LabourStart demanding that the company respect workers' rights, engage in a dialogue with the union, and reinstate those who were sacked.

Please support their campaign here: