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1st Media release: NPSWU statement on Corona virus outbreak

The National Public Service Workers Union (NPSWU) is concerned about the government taking the COVID-19 (Corona virus) issue lightly.

Today, 12th of March 2020 South Africa now has 17 individual that have being reported to have COVID-19 this is an additional of 4 cases to yesterday’s number

It was stated that people who land at O.R. Tambo International from outside countries, are being tested of any symptoms of the virus. Since that has failed, NPSWU demands that the government forbids all international trips for this season until a remedy for the virus is found.

South Africans that are coming back from international trips should be placed in quarantines when they arrive, regardless of the fact that they have tested negative/positive to the virus.

Travellers who wish to visit South Africa at this time should not be allowed as the virus has shown to have spread more in other continents because of individual moving from one country to the other.

When interviewed, Dr Zweli Mkhize announced that they have prepared nurses and doctors on how to deal with this virus, but we haven't heard the government saying they have set aside so much money for resources.

That is to show that our nurses and doctors who are working in hospitals and clinics are working with what they have in treating a foreign disease that not even in original country has found cure for. We ask our government to make medical supplies available and affordable if the public wishes to self-provide.

Enquiries: Nondumiso Mchunu