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NPSWU statement on shooting of nurses at Bongani Regional Hospital, in Welkom

NPSWU condemns the barbaric act, unleashed by South African police, who shot Nurses who were not harmful or threatening peace.

It is well known that most nurses use public transport to and from work . Following lockdown it is obvious and clear that all workers who use public transport will one way or the other suffer.

In this case there was an agreement that the employer will provide transportation for Nurses but employers fail to honor the agreement.

Nurses were within their rights to demand that the employer provides them with transportation. While nurses were not causing any harm, South African police shot and injured two nurses.

The Department of health is failing to provide workers with protective clothing and transportation, they even expose their life at danger of being killed just at their premises.

This behavior is uncalled for and deserves to be punishable. What worries more is the silence of both the Department of health and South African Nursing council.

This is despite after NPSWU on its bilateral with SANC cautioned SANC that it should not be seen as a punitive body but a body that protects both the integrity of Nursing and of nurses.


We call for immediate and harsh intervention.